Whether you need to pick up your first set of juggling clubs, or try out one of the cool new props you see the pros using at the festival, we’ll have vendors with the best toys around. Some of the folks who plan to be there are:

  • Cherry Hoops: Making top-notch instruction and beautiful, professional hoops accessible to everyone who wants to learn.
  • Infinite Works: Skill toys, performance props and juggling props. Unique products for flow artists and object manipulators.
  • KenGarden: Try and buy kendama, a unique and beautiful type of prop.
  • Master Ong’s Prop Shop: There are so many beauties and wonders to behold in such a place full of magic, martial arts, performance art, visual art, and object manipulation. The props and tools used to create this beauty are more than tools, they are instruments that play the sweet music of flow arts.